Morristown Club Board of Governors
First Row: Deborah Nelson, Mimi Starrett, Carol Hoeg, Mindy Papetti, Nancy Johnston, Ralph Jones
Second Row: Wade Kirby, Steve Hansbury, Kit Godby, Maryann Ficarra
Missing: Kathleen Gilbert, Anne Kearns, David Larkin

November 2018

Dear Fellow Members:

Entering our 135th year, the Board of Governors has made some decisions which will help the Morristown Club stay vibrant and strong for the future.

In the ongoing effort to expand our services to members, we have hosted many Speaker Lunches, Dinners, and Business Networking Breakfasts. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcomed. Responding to input from our members, we have moved some events to Wednesday evening in order to make sure the club remains open as many Thursdays and Saturdays as possible, keeping in mind that the revenue from outside events is crucial to our bottom line.

Great news! As of January 4, 2019, the club will be open on Friday evenings pub style dining.  Following the trend of many other high end clubs, we are relaxing the dress code to casual for Friday Night Pub Nights.

We continue to look for additional opportunities to add more Reciprocal and Affiliate Clubs to our already extensive list. Many of the members report how much they enjoy these options when traveling.

Last year, we renovated the main Dining Room, and this year completed some upgrades in the Kitchen and renovated the Ladies Room on the first floor. The next project will be the Bar and Clock Rooms. Along with these upgrades, our Victorian home is in need of chimney and roof work and after getting many bids, we will begin chimney and foundation repairs as soon as possible.  Please excuse any inconvenience.  We will remain open for lunch and dinner during this time.  Our roof repairs will commence in the spring.  We appreciate your understanding.

As the holiday season approaches, the club will be decorated and ready to serve your needs. We urge you to enjoy the club with family, friends, events and parties.

Mindy Papetti

A Club…

Is a haven of refuge and accord in a world torn by strife and discord;

Is a place of courtesy, good breeding and

  good manners;

It humbles the mighty, draws out the timid

   and casts out the sorehead;

And is one of the noblest inventions of mankind!

              ~ St. Andrews, Scotland